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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Phantom’s retractable screen solutions differ from traditional door and window screens?
Conventional insect screens often compromise the beauty of a home, block views, diminish natural daylight, and make routine window cleaning difficult. Phantom Screens offers retractable screen solutions for doors, windows, and oversized openings that overcome these limitations, pulling into place when required, and retracting out-of-sight when not in use.Additionally, there really is no good conventional screen solution for some applications that swing outwards such as French Doors and Casement windows. As Phantom’s screens can be installed either inside or outside of the building, they offer a screen solution that accommodates such openings.

Last but not least, unlike many conventional screens; Phantom screens come with a limited lifetime warranty. The screens are professionally custom fit to each opening to blend in with the existing décor.

What are the main benefits of Phantom’s retractable screen solutions?
Phantom Screens screen solutions maintain the design of the building, provide privacy, insect protection, and better ventilation, plus manage solar light. These retractable screen solutions can also reduce solar heat gain on the inside of the building and decrease energy costs for cooling the building. Phantom Screens provides after sales support — their experienced screen installers and Authorized Distributors are available for service calls and product questions even after the sale has been completed.
Where can Phantom Screens screen solutions be purchased?
Phantom Screens offers the largest Authorized Distributor network in the North American industry. These companies handle all sales, service, and installation calls. You can contact your local Authorized Distributorship by dialing 1-888-PHANTOM or visiting the Phantom Screens website. Phantom’s retractable screens can also be found at many retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Our retractable Phantom door screens and several DIY screens are available at most Lowe’s stores in the United States and Home Depot stores in Canada.

What types of applications can Phantom’s retractable screen solutions cover?
Phantom Screens provides screen solutions that are custom fit to all types of openings.

The Phantom Door Screen
covers all door types including patio sliders, in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French openings, as well as front doorways.
The Serene Window Screen
is most typically used for insect or solar protection and added privacy on all types of windows including double-hung, casement, and tilt ’n’ turn applications.
The Motorized Executive Screen
is designed for large openings including covered verandas, porches, and floor-to-ceiling picture windows at the touch of a button.
The manual Infinity Screen
is ideal for screening folding wall systems, and oversized openings such as patios and verandas.
The manual Distinction Screen
is suitable for screening large openings and oversized doors in high traffic areas (in-swing and out-swing doors, single and double oversized doors, and other large openings).
What are the main parts of a retractable screen?
A retractable screen consists of four main components:

— the material comes in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and materials depending on whether insect or solar protection is required.
— the mesh is stored within an extruded aluminum housing when retracted, along with the tube and spring or motor mechanism. Phantom uses a combination of low-profile components; various finish options including custom coatings, and color-matched fasteners to blend the screens seamlessly into the building structure and décor scheme.
Slide bar
— the “handle” that brings out the screen when needed or helps it smoothly retract back into the housing when the screen is not in use. Depending on the application the screen may be held in place with a magnet or latch system when in use.
— fastened to the top and bottom of the door frame (or the sides of the frame in the case of a window or Executive), the tracks keep the screen in place when in use.
Are Phantom Screens screen solutions installed on the inside or outside of buildings?
Phantom Screens retractable screen solutions can be installed both on the interior or exterior of buildings. In order to protect the screen components from weather and moisture, corrosion-resistant fasteners are used. The finishes are chip-resistant and covered by Phantom’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Where are Phantom Screens screen solutions typically used?
Phantom Screens screen solutions are suitable for both residential, institutional, and commercial structures — custom homes, multi-family projects (e.g. condominiums), hotels and resorts, restaurants, retail stores, universities, etc.
How do Phantom’s retractable screens work?
Phantom’s screens are mounted either above the opening (Serene window screens and Executive oversized screens for patios & verandas) or on the side of the opening (Phantom door screens, Distinction Screens, and Infinity Screens). The window and door screens are operated manually, while the oversized Executive Screens have a motor that lowers and retracts the screens.The handle on Phantom door & window screens allows the user to pull out the screen when needed and retract it back into the housing when the screen is not in use. The screen is held in place with a magnet (door screens) or latch system (window screens) when in use, depending on the application. Tracks are fastened to the top and bottom of the door frame (or the sides of the frame in the case of a window or an oversized opening).

When a completely unobstructed view is desired, the screens retract into their housings at the touch of button or manual slidebar. The door and window screen housings are extruded aluminum coverings with a tube and spring mechanism that create the pull-back tension. The small size of these housing, only 1 1/2 to 3 inches in depth depending on the size of application, allows it to blend seamlessly to the overall décor of the window or door design.

The housing of Phantom’s Executive Screens depends on the size of the opening. The screens are lowered or retracted by pushing a button on a small remote (Phantom offers several wall switch or hand-held remote control options, depending if the homeowner has one or several screens that need to be programmed to open at different times). Programmable sun and wind sensors allow the oversized screens to be fully automated throughout the building, providing solar protection and reducing the usage of an air conditioner. The screens can be fully recessed or mounted to an existing surface.

When and how often do I need to clean the screens?
As Phantom’s screens are retracted when not in use, they stay in their housings during wet and cold months. The amount of maintenance is therefore very minimal. Phantom Screens would recommend cleaning the screens once or twice a year to eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh: in spring before starting to use the screens after winter season is over, and in autumn, when summer is over. Phantom’s retractable screens can be cleaned with mild soap/detergent and water, and gently hosed off.

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