Retractable Screens, Anderson, SC

Retractable Screens, Anderson, SC Posted by retracta November 19th, 2015

We offer a wide variety of retractable screens for your Anderson, SC home or business

retractable screensAside from those who study them, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves bugs! With stingers, feelers, wings, and far too many legs, it’s no wonder that most adults would prefer that the bugs keep to the outdoors. However, when you want to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, we want to help you get the best of both worlds. That is why our team here at Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. offers a wide variety of retractable screens for your Anderson, SC home or business.

Retractable screens are a great option for anyone because they are so versatile. Do you have a large door that you want to be able to screen off during warm spring days? We can help with that. Do you have a set of windows that nearly blind you in the afternoon because of the angle of the sun? We can help! What about a sun porch or patio that you’d like to eat your meals on without inviting over the mosquito family and their 7,000 closest friends? You guessed it– we can help!

Our retractable screens won’t just keep out the bugs, although they do a rather splendid job of that! Our retractable screens will also keep out excessive sunlight and its damaging UV rays. And when you want to allow sunlight or guests back in through the doors or windows, a simple push of a button will retract the screen for you.

If you would like to know more about the many colors, textures, features, sizes, and shapes that are available with our retractable screens, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you!

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