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Retractable Window Screens, Greenville, SC Posted by retracta November 17th, 2015

Retractable window screens can be used on a number of different window types in your Greenville, SC home.

At Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. in Greenville, SC, we offer a number of choices when it comes to retractable window screens.

Serene retractable window screens are stylish, adaptable and suited to the finest homes. Fit for any room you choose – kitchen, living room, study, bedroom or bath – they’re a perfect blend of form and function. They adapt easily to fit most window applications and can be mounted inside or out.

Stoett retractable window screens have a number of features and benefits. They offer the most effective and attractive screening solution for windows, yet remain out of sight until needed. They provide protection from insects and UV rays and allow for full ventilation and durability, even absorbing impact without sagging or tearing. They come in a variety of popular designer colors and finishes to match any home’s décor. Besides being used as retractable window screens, they also have the option to be used as window shades.

  • Window Shades: Serene retractable window screens act as very effective window shades when equipped with solar mesh. While allowing less ventilation, this mesh blocks out the sun’s heat and glare by up to 75% and blocks up to 65% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while still keeping insects out of your home. The standard insect mesh blocks up to 40% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The solar screen mesh is available in sizes up to 72” wide and 72” high. The insect mesh is available up to 72” in width and 78” in height. Another application for solar mesh retractable window screens is for use with fixed windows to provide shade, even though a screen for insect control and ventilation is not needed.

Prestige retractable screens blend seamlessly with the interior finish and profile of custom wood windows. The screens disappear out of sight when not needed to restore the view. They are mounted inside the window frame and are available in seven wood species to ensure a near perfect match to the window.

The Prestige retractable screen is constructed out of an extruded aluminum housing. A stainable wood veneer is applied to the housing, along with a matching solid wood handle, allowing the customer to stain and match perfectly to the custom wood window. Prestige retractable screens feature BetterVue mesh, which delivers excellent protection from insects and preserves outdoor views — even when the screen is pulled in place. The screens also include a mesh retention system to prevent the screen from blowing out in breezy conditions. They have a sun/UV protection up to 36%.

Retractable window screens can be used on a number of different window types, including single-hung windows, double-hung windows, casement & awning windows, and sliding & tilt-n-turn windows. We ensure your complete satisfaction by customizing our screens to each home, which are expertly installed by experienced factory trained professionals. Our Limited lifetime warranty provides you with additional peace of mind.

Let our experts assist you with determining which style of retractable window screen is best for your home and situation.

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