Shadespot Freestanding Shelters, Greenville, SC

Shadespot Freestanding Shelters, Greenville, SC Posted by retracta November 10th, 2014

Shadespot freestanding shelters offer up to 600 square feet of shade for your Greenville, SC property.

Shadespot Freestanding Shelters, Greenville, SCIdeal for patios, decks, outdoor cafés, restaurants, and break areas, the Shadespot freestanding shelter is the perfect solution for large open and exposed areas.  Treat your family, friends, and customers to the perfect shaded refuge.   Shadespot freestanding shelters offer up to 600 square feet of shade.  Because they are freestanding, they can be easily combined for added protection.  With Shadespot shelters, your shading options are endless.  Enjoy the outdoors once more with this fantastic shelter option.

Shadespot freestanding shelters, like all our products, are entirely customizable to fit your needs.  Shadespot shelters are made from acrylic fabric that is available in over 190 color and style options, including striped and solid fabrics.  This means you never have to compromise style for convenience.  The Shadespot also comes with four standard features that make it stand out from its competitors.  Additional optional features include wireless remote controls, auto sensors, a front bar drop valance, and base and upright mounting options.

If you own a business in Greenville, SC, such as a café or restaurant with outdoor sitting areas, you understand that providing shade to your customers is essential.  This is why we consider Shadespot shelters an investment.  We understand your needs, so we can help customize products that are ideal for the needs of your customers.

We also want you to be confident with your new Shadespot freestanding shelter, which is why we offer several limited product warranties.  Shadespot freestanding shelters are built to last.  Each shelter is TUV tested and approved before becoming available to you.  If you are in the Greenville, SC, area, let us at Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. help you customize the perfect Shadespot freestanding shelter for your home or business.

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