Sunplus Retractable Shelters, Greenville, SC

Sunplus Retractable Shelters, Greenville, SC Posted by retracta November 10th, 2014

With Sunplus retractable shelters, you are free to choose your level of protection for any outdoor area around your Greenville, SC home or business.

Sunplus Retractable Shelters, Greenville, SCThere are two unique features that make Sunplus retractable shelters stand out from the rest.  If you are in need of shading solutions for areas such as a pergola, skylight, or sunroom, this option may be just right for you.  With the Sunplus system, you are not only protected from the sun, but also from a variety of inclement weather conditions.

The first of the two features that make this system unique is the added rain gutter feature.  When inclement weather hits, you want to be sure your retractable shelter is reliable and efficient.  With the rain gutter addition, rain water is redirected to open areas, allowing you to stay dry and warm within your shelter.  This feature also protects your home and outdoor furniture from run-off water damage.

Sunplus retractable shelters are also available in freestanding options.  This is the second feature that makes this system unique, and it means that you are free to choose your level of protection for any outdoor area around your home or business.   Because it is remotely controlled, your protection is always just a push of a button away.

Like all of our other retractable products, Sunplus retractable shelters are completely customizable to fit your needs.  This means you are never compromising the beauty of your home for your protection needs.  This system is available in a large selection of fabric choices and colors, as well as two main frame colors.  If you are in the Greenville, SC area and are interested in learning more about Sunplus retractable shelters, please give us a call today at Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc.

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