Great Uses for Shadespot Freestanding Shelters

Great Uses for Shadespot Freestanding Shelters

Great Uses for Shadespot Freestanding Shelters
While a nice covered deck or patio is perfect for enjoying the outdoors while being protected from the sun, there are situations where you may want some shade in others areas instead of being attached to your home or business. That is where Shadespot freestanding shelters can be the ideal solution. Here are some great uses for these 600-square-foot shelters that come in more than 190 colors and styles:

  • Lakeside: Does your home have a nice view of a lake, river or other bodies of water but you wish you could be a bit closer at times to gaze out over the water and watch the activities going on there? Setting up a shelter in a location that gives you that ability without hampering the view from the house is perfect for this. If you want more space than the standard 600 square feet, you can combine two. You’ll have plenty of room even for entertaining.
  • Outdoor Employee Break Area: It can do wonders to an employee’s overall morale and production to have a chance to get outdoors during the day for some fresh air. However, you don’t want them coming back in sunburned and sweaty. Shadespot freestanding shelters have several optional features that can make them even nicer for your employees, including a wireless remote control or auto sensor so it can be opened and closed easily when needed. You might even find some of your employees like to work outside and can be quite productive that way.
  • Outside Seating for Customers: Restaurants are one great example of putting Shadespot freestanding shelters to work for customers but there are other businesses where this is nice too, such as coffee shops and pretty much any business that has a nice view and wants to do something special for their customers.

If you would like to know more about Shadespot freestanding shelters for uses in the Greenville, South Carolina area, give us a call at Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc.

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