Top 4 Benefits of Retractable Door Screens

retractable door screens

retractable door screensA screen door is a great feature for any home. But, sometimes they do not look very nice or are not the look you are really going for. Should you have to sacrifice the look you want for the function of a screen door? We are here to tell you that you can have both the look you want and the benefit of a screen door with retractable door screens. Here are our top four benefits of retractable door screens:

  1. The ability to hide the screen so you do not see it. This is the beauty of a retractable door screen. You get the clean, sleek look you want by retracting the screen and keeping it out of sight when it is not being used. You do not have to give up the look you want by having bulky screen doors.
  1. You get all the benefits of a screen door.  Retractable door screens still allow you to open your doors to get a cross breeze going through your home. You can cool your home off without spending money on air conditioning.  Retractable door screens also keep the bugs out so you do not have unwanted critters in your home.
  1. Retractable door screens can be mounted on the side of any door.  You can put them on your front door and it will not change the look of your home.
  1. Retractable door screens are easy to use. Opening and closing the screen is a breeze. They are lightweight and sleek, and they are not big and cumbersome.

At Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. we can help set you up with the perfect retractable screen doors for your home.  Call us today and we will take great care of you!

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