Manual Retractable Screens

Manual Retractable Screens Posted by retracta April 10th, 2015

 Designed specifically to solve the problem of protecting the large-scale openings created by folding door systems/Lift and slide systems. With the ability to screen openings up to 24′ wide and 10′ tall, there are very few openings we can’t protect from insects. Installing screens means you can leave your doors open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air-conditioner use.

Color Options

Manual Retractable Screens come in 3 standard aluminum colors; White, Anodized and  Bronze.



The system comes in single or double configurations: a single screen opening from the left or right (up to 12′); or two screens opening from each side and meeting in the middle (up to 24′). When combined with a blind, the screen opens from one side and the blind from the other in openings up to 12′.

A range of Centor innovations ensure the whole package functions simply and smoothly.

Load Balancing Technology
Load Balancing Technology (LBT) (patent pending) allows for the effortless fingertip control synonymous with Centor products. With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the screen’s lead-stile remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Load-balancing also means far greater tension across the screen, eliminating any tendency for sag.

Tight Technology
Tight Technology manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so it remains straight and tight across the widest spans.

Self-Feeding Mechanism
Should wind blow the screen out of the top or bottom channels the fabric will self-feed back onto the roll.


   S1E Specifications


   max opening width

   24′ (double system)
12′ (single system)
12′ (with blind)

   max height

7′ 6″ (with blind) 

Centor’s screen systems are manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. Tough fiberglass/PVC used in the screen is hardwearing, easy to clean and can be replaced.

The screen system has undergone cycle testing to 400,000 operations in a laboratory and been extensively exposed to dust, mud, sand and corrosive atmosphere. It has stood up to impact testing with a 17kg punching bag 100 times and considerable pushing, poking and prodding to simulate real life use.

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