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Patio Shades, Greenville, SC Posted by Virgo November 19th, 2015

We have a number of patio shades for your Greenville, SC home, including motorized shades, roll up shades and retractable sun shades.

patio screenPatio shades are the ideal way to transform your patio or deck into an area you can use regardless of the weather. Rather than get chased inside because of a glaring sun or light rain shower, simply extend your patio shade and continue to enjoy the day. At Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. we have a number of patio shades to offer, including motorized shades, roll up shades and retractable sun shades. Let our professionals help you select the option that will turn your Greenville, SC patio into something you can enjoy more often than you currently do.

  • Motorized Shades: Motorized shades allow you to easily extend or retract your patio shade, so you can remain comfortably seated while adjusting the shade. You can extend the shade fully or partially, depending on the amount of shade you need or how much sun you want. There are so many benefits with motorized patio shades that go beyond expanding your time and enjoyment outdoors. They also can help you save on utility costs because you can extend them to block the sun on warm or hot days, thereby reducing cooling costs, or retract them during cold days to let the sun heat your home, thereby reducing heating costs. You might even save on lighting costs because you can retract them during darker times of the day or on cloudy days to brighten the interior of your home naturally. Motorized shades can be retracted, eliminating the need for expensive shade removal for winter and reinstallation in the spring. Additionally, by blocking the sun’s UV rays from gaining access to the interior of your home, you are protecting your furniture, carpeting, upholstery, drapes and flooring from fading and damage.
  • Roll Up Shades: Roll up shades are every bit as beneficial as motorized shades when it comes to enjoying your patio, experiencing energy savings and protecting your furniture and flooring. The only difference is that you need to turn a handle to operate them rather than push a button on a remote control. This is completely a personal choice as to whether you want to do it manually and thus save on the cost of shade installation as well as electricity usage to extend and retract the patio shade, or whether you like the idea of being able to adjust the shade while relaxing or doing other things.
  • Retractable Sun Shades: The key benefit of retractable sun shades over other forms of sun blockers, such as umbrellas and permanent structures, is that they eliminate the need for support poles, posts or walls, so only the sun or light rain is blocked—not your view. With retractable sun shades, you can maximize your usable shaded outdoor living space because nothing is in your way. These sun shades also add equity to your home, and with so many customization choices, they can be selected to enhance the beauty of your home.

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