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Shutters, Greenville, SC Posted by retracta November 19th, 2015

We have been the company to turn to in Greenville, SC for a variety of different styles of shutters since 2006.

There is nowhere that is completely immune from harsh weather conditions of one sort or another. From gusty thunderstorms to hurricanes, there are times when having shutters on your home can really come in handy. At Retracta Screen of the Carolinas, Inc. based in Greenville, SC, we have been the company to turn to for a variety of different styles of shutters, including roll up shutters, rolling shutters and accordion shutters, since 2006. Retracta Screen roll-up or rolling shutters are ideal for providing you the peace of mind you deserve. Our roll-up screens are also ideal if you are looking for a feasible solution for all your weather-related problems. The roll-up screen doors are popular if you are looking for quality shading solutions.

  • Roll Up Shutters: Roll up shutters provide door and window security that protects against more than just inclement weather. They can also protect against burglars and intruders, so you can engage your roll up shutters when you plan to be away for a few days. Roll up shutters can also be used to reduce outside noises and to reduce energy costs by insulating the openings and blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Many of our competitors sell and install retractable roll up shutters that are manufactured out of roll formed aluminum or foam filled plastic. These roll up screen doors compromise strength, long term durability and consistent performance through the life of your home or commercial building. This is more evident on a daily operating shutter. Our shutters are constructed out of extruded aluminum, maintaining our strict specifications and design tolerances that are the result of over 25 years of experience. Proof of our roll up shutters’ outstanding value will reveal itself with the test of time.
  • Rolling Shutters: Rolling shutters can be operated either manually or with a motor. The manual systems have different types, including a pole crank or manual push-up/pull-down action. Motorized rolling shutters will also have an optional manual override so they can be operated during a power failure. Motorized rolling shutters are operated with either a remote control or wall switch. Rolling shutters come in a variety of materials and colors, so they can complement any home’s color and architecture. The shutter itself is housed in a box above the opening until it is lowered.
  • Accordion Shutters: Accordion shutters are designed to cover windows, enclose balconies or protect sliding glass doors. These types of shutters are housed beside the window or area when not in use, and they are unfolded accordion-style to cover and protect when needed. With these installed, it takes just 15 to 30 minutes to engage all the shutters before a storm or other event. Accordion shutters have a heavy-duty construction, providing superior strength.  Our Regency Accordion shutters can be used for residential or commercial applications, where protection is needed without the additional cost of a roll up. A multi-step coating process protects your shutters against corrosion, enhancing durability and ease of maintenance. The Regency has a felt running track for quiet, smooth, bind-free operation. The lock is a dead bolt style commercial locking mechanism. Like all of our shutters, the Regency is offered in a variety of designer colors.

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