3 Tips for Your Shutters


ShuttersHarsh weather can wreak havoc on structures and windows, so it’s important to make sure the shutters on your home or business are ready and able to withstand even the harshest blows from Mother Nature. It’s important to consider many different factors when installing, replacing, or repairing shutters, as outlined below:

  • Know the different types of shutters, and select the type best suited for your needs. Roll-up shutters can protect against the elements or intruders and are generally easy to install. Rolling shutters operate either motorized or manually, and motorized shutters may have an optional manual override so they can be operated in case of a power outage. These shutters generally are housed above the opening in a box until needed or lowered. Accordion shutters are designed for the enclosure of balconies, windows, or sliding glass doors. These are housed to the side of the opening.
  • Know your materials, and insist on the best. Look for roll-up shutters made of extruded aluminum, not formed aluminum or foam and plastic. Many types of shutters offer corrosion protection that can protect the shutters and your home from extensive water damage and enhance durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Select a type of shutters that can best meet your needs and the requirements of your area and building. Areas more prone to storms or heavy winds may want to invest in heavier shutters, depending on the architecture of your home or business.

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