Keep Your Accordion Shutters Clean To Prevent or Reduce Storm Damage

Keeping Your Accordion Shutters CleanCleaning your accordion shutters takes a couple of hours, but it can mean the difference between storm damage totaling thousands of dollars, and no or minimal damage.

  1. Sweep dirt off the shutter tracks. Remove dirt from the locking mechanism with a pipe cleaner. Wipe the lock and tracks with a damp cotton cloth to remove any lingering dust and dirt. Wipe the tracks dry with a second cloth.
  2. Prepare a solution of 4 gallons water and 1 cup dishwashing detergent. Close the accordion shutters, so the entire surface can be cleaned. To get to the inside surface, you’ll need to work from the inside of your home and open the door or window that the shutter covers.
  3. Soak a sponge in the solution and wring the excess water out. Begin at the top of the shutters and work down. Allow the solution to remain on the accordion shutters for 5-10 minutes so the stubborn grime loosens. Repeat the process. Rinse the shutters with a garden hose – use the spray setting, not the jet setting.
  4. When you’re done with the outside of the shutters, clean the inside surfaces. Start from the top down, scrubbing the dirt off. Rinse the sponge after cleaning. Obviously, you can’t use the hose to rinse the inside surface, so you need to fill a bucket with clean water. Dry the inside surface with a clean cotton cloth.

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