Centor Retractable Screens – At the Leading Edge of Design

Retractable ScreensCentor retractable screens are backed by a 5-year warranty. Cycle testing is performed an exhaustive 400,000 times, and exposure to salt spray, sand, mud and dust ensure reliable operation that goes way beyond the warranty. The systems have also been put through impact testing with a 37 lb. punch bag 100 times, as well as pushing, prodding and poking from the company’s development and research staff.

The people at Centor say they are “moved by innovation.” With one of the biggest research & development departments in the industry, the company aims to be at the cutting edge of design and technology with door and window systems. Their commitment to innovation is combined with a desire to create retractable screens and other products that are a delight to use and easy to install.

“Delight to use” doesn’t only refer to well-functioning, high quality retractable screens, but also designs that are compelling for end-users. This means systems that open homes up to the outdoors, unobtrusive blinds and screens, and secure and stylish locking options.  “Easy to install” refers to features that assist both on-site installation and in-factory assembly.

These goals are achieved by combining research into what the public needs and wants with comprehensive testing when a product is developed. Research involves Centor’s design engineers meeting with architects, as well as door and window companies.

At Retracta Screen of the Carolinas Inc., we are the #1 choice for custom window shades and retractable screens in the Greenville, SC area. If you have any questions, please contact us. Let us enhance and enrich your lifestyle!

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