Choosing Well-Built, Energy-Saving Windows Is Easier Than Ever Before


windowsNew windows can make a huge difference to your home, whether you want to open up a stunning view, improve appearance, or simply replace old units that allow more rain and wind in than they keep out. Today’s window frames can reduce air infiltration down to almost nothing and, if advanced glazing is used, you can slash as much as 40% off your heating and cooling costs.

In terms of eye appeal, some windows rival fine cabinetry, while others free you from ever having to repaint them. Manufacturers have extended the choices with a range of glazing, installation and material options. These include money-saving products that allow you to replace a sash and glass without having to replace the entire frame. In addition to these expanded options, new labeling systems make choosing well-built, energy efficient windows easier than ever before.

The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) has developed a system to make assessing the efficiency of a window easy and quick. A label indicates the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), the visible light transmittance, and the U-value. If you want to reduce energy loss during winter, look for windows with low U-values. And for maximum cooling, choose those that allow plenty of light in, but have a low SHGC.

If this sounds a little complicated, then there’s another easy way to shop for windows. Simply choose those that are Energy Star certified.

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