Electric Retractable Screens: The Advantages of Going Solar

electric retractable screens

electric retractable screensSolar electric retractable screens are made with a mesh that’s designed to deflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays before they reach the glass of your windows. Using these screens comes with several benefits.

  • Damage Prevention: Ultraviolet rays are also responsible for fading your furnishings. By blocking these rays, your valuables and furniture are protected, so they will maintain their good looks for a much longer time.
  • Heat Reduction: Solar electric retractable screens keep heat outside your home and release it back into the outdoors. Screens can block up to 90 percent of heat gain and, by doing so, reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 60 degrees F, which results in a dramatic saving of energy, while also providing a comfortable indoor climate. The opposite applies in cold weather because the screens help prevent warm air from escaping. This saves energy, as well.
  • Eliminate Glare: This is often a big problem indoors. Solar screens block that irritating glare that appears on mirrors, TV screens and other items in a room.
  • Ventilation: Screens don’t restrict the flow of air from outside, but they do restrict insects and dust.
  • Privacy: Solar electric retractable screens provide an extra level of privacy during the day by increasing the difficulty of seeing in from the outside, while not affecting viewing from the inside in any way.

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