Patio Awnings: Manual or Motorized – Which Is Best?

patio awnings

patio awningsDo you want to make an outdoor space more comfortable and attractive, even when the summer heat is blazing? If so, a great idea is to invest in a high quality awning. And to take it one step further, why not consider the added convenience and versatility that comes with retractable patio awnings?

So which type of retractable awning is best – manual or motorized? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. While many people often assume that motorized is best, we’re going to look at some distinct advantages that manually operated patio awnings have.

Even though it requires “human power” to operate a manual awning, today’s products are made in such a way that not a great deal of strength is needed. Then there are those times when the power goes out. You’ll be pleased you opted for a manual version when you open it out to let the fresh air in when your AC is on the blink. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about mechanical issues that may affect an aging motor, such as deteriorating parts or battery burnout.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of manually operated patio awnings have over their electric peers is that they are cheaper to purchase and install. There’s no need to run and connect wires from your home’s electrical system to the motor.

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