Shutters: A Stylish & Chic Alternative to Blinds


shuttersApart from providing a stylish and chic alternative to curtains and blinds, shutters are a cost-effective way to update the feel and look of a room. Plus, they are more hygienic because they simply need wiping clean – they don’t absorb dust, unlike blinds or curtains.

Moreover, shutters offer fantastic flexibility. For example, you can choose various slat sizes, different panel designs, and different colors. You also have a lot more control of the amount of light that enters a room. Shutters can save you valuable pennies because they provide additional insulation, which is especially appealing in these cash-strapped times.

There are 3 types of shutters – solid, plantation and café.

  1. Solid Shutters: These are mainly used in older style and Victorian properties. They offer ultimate privacy by keeping out more light. This type of shutter is ideal in a room with minimal and simple décor, and works particularly well in cottages to offer a quaint look during the day when folded back.
  2. Plantation Shutters: You can really get creative with the color and design here because these shutters can be used in most spaces. They are extremely popular because they have slats that rotate to control the level of light.
  3. Café Shutters: As the name implies, they are very popular in cafés and restaurants, as well as homes. They usually only cover the bottom half of a window.

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