The Simple Science of Retractable Solar Window Shades

The Simple Science of Retractable Solar Window ShadesRetractable solar window shades are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and openness to meet almost any criteria. The fabric falls into three categories: dark, light and high performance, all of which control sunlight and provide UV protection.

How do solar window shades work? Well, the science lies behind the fabric, and it’s actually very simple. The mesh controls light and heat, allowing a lower amount of both to enter a room. The density and color of each category of fabric determines the thermal, optical and solar properties.

However, no single fabric has the exact optical/thermal combination to satisfy all requirements, but the right combination of properties in each type of fabric gives a precise match for the required aesthetic and application. The key optical/thermal factors are defined as follows:

SC – Shading Coefficient

VLT – Visible Light Transmittance

Density – openness factor

As – Solar absorption

Rs – Solar reflectance

Ts – Solar transmittance

  • Dark Colored Window Shades provide outstanding glare control by reducing the amount of visible light coming through the fabric.
  • Light Colored Window Shades provide better heat reflection, but they allow more visible light into an indoor space.
  • High Performance Window Shades have a reflective exterior that provides exceptional glare control, heat control and viewing characteristics. With these, the fabric has been engineered to offer maximum thermal and visual performance, irrespective of color. Both dark and light colors provide excellent glare control, heat control, and view-through.

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