The Auditory and Visual Benefits of Blackout Window Shades

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window shadesBlackout window shades are highly effective in doing what they are supposed to – eliminating light from a room, while also preventing the inside of a room being visible from the outside. They also have auditory benefits because they have soundproof qualities in either direction. When deciding between types of treatments that are right for your windows, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of blackout shades.


  • Well-constructed blackout window shades will prevent light from passing through them in either direction.
  • They are very lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for homeowners.
  • In comparison to layered, wooden or Roman blinds, they are generally more affordable.
  • They offer complete privacy and are especially useful in dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • If it’s cold outside, they act as natural insulators by retaining heat inside. When it’s hot outside, they help keep rooms cooler.
  • Blackout window shades are also good sound insulators by restricting noise from outside entering, and also preventing sound from escaping a room. For people who need to sleep in the day – for example, night shift workers – the combination of silence and darkness is perfect.
  • Furnishings remain protected by blocking out light.


None! Perhaps the only disadvantage is that they do what they are intended to do; that is to keep light out.

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