Think of Retractable Sun Shades as Exterior Window Treatments

retractable sun shadesDo you have a nicely furnished deck or patio? Do you like to enjoy dinner parties and barbecues outside? If so, you’ve no doubt made a big investment in your outdoor living area, so why not be able to use it whenever you want without the weather disrupting your pleasure? A retractable sun shade will protect you and your patio furniture, while allowing you to be outdoors whenever you want.

If you want to enjoy the sunshine without getting sunburned or grill up some burgers while it rains, retractable sun shades are the ideal solution; plus, they’ll open up your balcony, deck or porch for cool breezes and fresh air.

These coverings are made of water-resistant materials that are durable enough to protect you against the weather, and they won’t fade even in the harshest sunshine. However, the most distinctive feature of retractable sun shades is that if you want to feel the rain on your face or sunbathe, all you have to do is pull them back. This is something that fixed coverings can’t do.

Think of retractable sun shades as window treatments that fit on the exterior of your home, but also as something that can protect things inside. Your indoor carpet and furniture will no longer fade, and because the shades act as a sun visors, you might even save on your energy bills.

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